Workers World


Thurs @ 7pm | Sun @ 6:30pm

DSTV Channel 263

Workers’ World Media Productions is a unique organisation. We have consolidated our position as a competent and professional labour media service over the last decade. This includes diversifying into other media as resources permitted and forming mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations in other parts of Africa and abroad.

Our current organisational project orientation is to support strengthening the labour movement on the ground not only at workplace level, but importantly also community level. In this respect, the good news is that the audience research report of our Labour-Community Radio Project in 2008 showed that the majority of the weekly labour radio shows ’listeners are informal workers, women, many youth and unemployed people too.

Over the next few years, we aim to assist these workers and community members in getting organised. We also intend to help bridge the gap between them and the established trade unions. Moreover, the local Labour-Community Radio Forums will ensure self-organisation, and lead a process of local mass education around issues affecting people in their everyday lives.