Saturday 13h30 | Wednesday 11h30 | Friday 11h00

‘Proe’ (the Afrikaans word for “Taste”) is a cooking show which gives the local community a platform to celebrate Cape home-style cooking.

Preseneter Abidah Dixon Mohamed chats with guest chefs who show us how to put together their winning homemade recipes while they chat about the history of Cape cooking, some of which originates in other countries around the world.

This show is about inviting the viewer into the kitchen, showing and sharing the authentic meaning of home cooking in a bilingual style of Afrikaans and English.

Proe episodes premiere on Saturdays at 13h30 and repeat on Wednesday at 11h30 and Friday at 11h00.

About Abidah Dixon Mohamed

Abidah Dixon Mohamed is a radio and TV presenter, producer, sound engineer and voice-over artist. She started her career in the entertainment industry in 2013 playing a role in the movie Baroudeur, with Frans Cronje the brother of the late cricket captain Hansie Cronje.

She also played roles in two short films, Fiekie and Tasneem and Two Hues, the latter being nominated for awards in London and Istanbul. It recently won an award for best film in Paris and is set to become a feature film.