Mission Statement

Cape Town TV, previously known as CTV, is a non-profit, free-to-air, community television station licensed to serve the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. 

The channel is owned and controlled by the community and provides access by stakeholder groups to the powerful medium of television as a tool for community development and social change.

Cape Town TV promotes active participation of the community by supporting emerging and established producers, NGOs, hyper-local TV initiatives to be content creators.

In-so-doing, Cape Town TV aims to strengthen the communication capacity of civil society and acts as an incubator for emerging, local talent in the film and television sector and related cultural industries.


Through active community participation and audience engagement Cape Town TV aims to promote:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Authentic, local voices
  • Positive social change
  • Sustainable development
  • Human rights and social justice
  • Diversity and tolerance

Broadcast Footprint

Cape Town TV broadcasts free-to-air in the greater Cape Town area and nationally on DStv. The channel currently reaches an average monthly viewership of 2.5 million and appeals to a wide range of age, income and language groups. 

In September 2022 Cape Town TV launched on South Africa’s digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) platform with a broadcast footprint across Cape Town and surrounding areas, reaching up to Stellenbosch, the West Coast and the southern peninsula, In 2023 this footprint will be extended to the whole of the Western Cape reaching a potential audience of 4.5 million viewers. Cape Town TV is also carried on Sentech’s FreeVision satellite signal with a footprint across the southern African region.

Cape Town TV has recently launched an online multi-channel platform making our content available on-demand, on all devices.


Cape Town TV produces and acquires content that is socially relevant, educational, informative and entertaining. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day with a variety of programmes including local and international news, talk shows, magazine programmes and documentaries.

The station produces a number of “flagship” in-house shows and acquires premium, international content such as Al Jazeera International News and social documentaries.

The majority of shows on the channel are produced by local producers through innovative commissioning practices which allow organisations and individuals to submit content proposals. Selected producers are offered access to equipment, training and sales support and income is shared on a revenue-share basis. Independent producers can submit proposals for TV series and monetize them through sponsorship deals.

Production & Training

The channel produces 15 hours of content per week including:

  • Our City: A daily, live news service that focuses on untold stories and issues affecting marginalised communities.
  • Ek Se: A daily, live youth edutainment show produced by and for youth that provides a platform for youth development
  • Hype it Up: A popular youth music show that showcases up and coming talent.
  • The Womxn Show: A weekly show tackling gender based violence and child safety.
  • Ekse: a youth show featuring local artists, event news and youth development information.

In addition to these regular shows, Cape Town TV runs a Production Development Programme to find and partner with people with subject-matter expertise to co-produce TV shows on anything from social issues to entertainment and sport. This community access model is complemented by a workshop programme for staff, producers and member organizations.


Cape Town TV has received funding in the form of grants, donations, facilities, equipment and training from the following organisations: