CTV embraces digital distribution


Cape Town TV is going digital, along with all the other free-to-air broadcasters like SABC and eTV.

South Africa is in the process of shifting from analogue television transmission to digital terrestrial transmission (DTT). Some time soon, analogue TV as we know it will be switched off forever and the free-to-air channels will only be available on the DTT  network as well as on Sentech’s FreeVision satellite platform. Don’t worry – you can still watch your favourite free-to-air community channel, but you will need to: 

    • Own a digital TV set or set-top box decoder. Only some models of digital TV sets can pick up the signal so make sure you get the right one. Ask your local retailer for a set with an integrated tuner (IDTV) or look for the ‘Go Digital’ sticker. 
    • You can purchase a decoder at some of the smaller retail stores (large retailers such as Game, Makro etc. don’t currently stock them) or online stores like Takealot.
    • Free-to-air TV is also available via satellite transmission on Sentech’s FreeVision platform. This will give you all of the SABC and eTV channels along with all community TV channels.
    • CTV is available online, where you can watch our programmes whenever you like on your computer, tablet or cellphone.

The good news is that with digital broadcasting Cape Town TV will extend its reach so that everyone in the Western Cape will be able to watch the channel on the DTT broadcast and it will also be available nationally in South Africa on the FreeVision satellite platform.

Digital television offers a clear picture and excellent sound quality. For the once-off cost of a DTT decoder or digital TV set you get to enjoy a wide variety of channels for free. CTV will still be available on DStv channel 263, but it is not on OpenView or StarSat.

As a South African citizen you have the right to access community and public service channels for free. Claim your right. Prepare now for the analogue switch off. Don’t get left behind.

If you have any questions, kindly send a WhatsApp message to the government on 060 062 5458 or call 086 073 6832.

How can I receive digital television?

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