The Masimbonge Clap 'n Tap Show

The Masimbonge Clap ‘n Tap Show


Sundays 12pm

The Masimbonge Clap and Tap Show plays 100% Clap and Tap music. This form of gospel music arose in Apostolic churches around South Africa in the 1960s. The Masimbonge Clap and Tap Show plays an important role in uplifting these choirs by creating content and marketing them across the globe.

Almost every black community in South Africa has its own clap and tap choirs and so there is a huge following for this music genre. Each choir has about 50 choristers and the number of choirs active today surpasses the number of churches from whence this music originates.

The Masimbonge Clap and Tap Show was founded in 2014 by producers Bafana Maphela and Themba Radebe. The show is presented by Bafana Maphela and Teboho Masimini, a very well-known clap and tap lead singer and mentor for up-and-coming clap and tap choirs, with 22 years of experience in this sector.

As Mr Radebe explains, “We tour the country all year round to shoot these exciting episodes. We get to see how the choirs rehearse and the environment each choir comes from. Choirs and the communities really appreciate these episodes as they give a marketing platform even to choirs that have not yet had the opportunity to record their own music albums to showcase their talent. This in turn becomes a big morale boost for the choirs.”

The series includes episodes which feature a choir competition that runs anually. The production team chooses a different province every year to host the competition and the team then travel to that province to shoot the choir performances for the show.

Presenter Mr Tebogo Masimini

Producer Mr Bafana Maphela

Mr Themba Radebe conducting an interview in studio