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Thursdays & Fridays 16:00

Home Grown is your guide to everything in entertainment!

Sourcing local and national content from South Africa’s youth, the show focuses on promoting young artists by showcasing their work.

Regular features include live performances, interviews, music videos and short films.

Over the years the show has grown to welcome artists from all over the country, strengthening its footprint in all provinces.

The show airs every weekday at 6pm.

To submit music videos for consideration, complete the Music Video Licensing Form on our website and send your video to music@capetowntv.org.

Meet the team

Born and raised in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Zotando Jajula – now popularly known as Bhuti Msasazi – was always surrounded by creatives and entertainers. Growing up with a dad who was a radio broadcaster he would attend shows all around the city with a backstage pass.

Zotando grew to love the broadcasting space through his father’s work. He knew that one day he would choose showbiz as a career. As he grew up he gravitated towards drama and dance in his childhood at his uncle’s art center called Africa Jam.

Although radio was his first love, when the opportunity to be on TV presented itself he was ready for the challenge. Growing up watching shows like YoTV and Hectic Nine-9 he entertained the idea of TV presenting, seeing aspects of himself in presenters like the late Akhumzi Jezile, Dr Musa Mtombeni and Ayanda Makhuzeni. He saw it as a challenge worth a try. Having the luxury of access to individuals who are in the broadcasting space he happened to liaise with Ayanda Makhuzeni on tips on how to be a good presenter.

Television found him straight after high school while he was searching for a tertiary education institution which specialized in media studies. Due to high volumes of applications and the unaffordability of private institutions he decided to on the job, studying camera techniques, voice projections and articulation. Engaging with creatives and seeing the creative space blossom has always been in his heart and that’s what makes him excited to be a presenter on the show.

Cape Town Television is his first broadcasting home. He auditioned for the role of presenter on the music show Hype It Up, and the judges thought he must have radio experience because of his sophisticated style of presenting – which proved his idea that this is what he was born for.

Today Zotando has been presenting on Cape Town TV for nearly three years and he has hosted shows including Hype It Up, EKSE LIVE and Ezethi Incwadi. Now he is not only a presenter on Home Grown but also a co-producer of the show.

Born in Cape Town, Zoë Human studied Drama at Stellenbosch University, majoring in Radio and Acting. In 2019 she completed her Honours in Journalism.

While studying Zoë served as a member of Metanoia Residence’s house committee. Her portfolios included Vensters (Connect), Socials and Womxn Empowerment.

As a prerequisite of her Honours course she was required to complete a four week internship at a media house of her choosing. The week following her thesis hand-in (November 2019) Zoë went to complete her internship at SABC 3’s feel good breakfast show – Expresso.

Thereafter she was offered a permanent position in Expresso’s digital department. Still working with the Cardova company, where she has been a permanent member ever since.

In Feb 2023, Zoë was accepted as a presenter on Homegrown. She was offered the role of presenter and gladly took it. On screen, Zoë has acted in the Kissing Booth 2, Suidooster and multiple music videos including Shangri-La by Die Heuwels Fantasties and Tresor. She has also modeled for brands such as Amanxi Clothing and BRAhSSE.

She is a content creator and her proudest collabs include Reebok, Woolworths, The Body Shop, Essence & The Waterfront (to name a few). A highlight in her writing career came in 2019 when her poetry regarding gender-based violence was read before Parliament.

Her passion for bringing an end to gender-based violence has resulted in her becoming a board director for Post To Parliament (P2P), an NPO creating an educational curriculum that will engage young people on GBV. For more on the organisation visit @post2parliament on Instagram.

Anda Salman was born and bred in Cape Town, but he sees his spiritual home as being in Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape, which is where his ancestors rest.

Anda’s love of the music and entertainment industry was born from his childhood experiences of travelling with his father, who was a long distance bus driver, and they would listen to music during the journey.

Anda’s good looks led to him doing some modelling when he was still in primary school, and later in high school he took to the stage as an MC at school events. Later he studied at the University of the Western Cape for a BA Sports, Recreation and Exercise Sciences. “The BA SRES was community oriented and you get to work with young people, helping them overcome the adversities that come with living in the townships,” he says.

Sadly the Covid pandemic hit him when he was in his final year of studies and he was unable to complete his degree.

But Anda had developed some side hustles before Covid which helped him along his career path. “Me and a few friends started an online channel to shine a light on the Cape Town entertainment industry. We wrote articles and covered events.” Anda was a presenter on a show alongside the well-known presenter Siphelo Bayana aka Speech The Dreamer. “Our shows featured many artists, including Sjava, Ami Faku, DJ Speedsta to name a few. We did all of that with zero funding and/or sponsorship.”

After all his experience working with professionals in the entertainment industry, Anda jumped at the opportunity to audition for Cape Town TV. His on-camera presence and wide knowledge of music won him a position of presenter on Homegrown.

“My vast knowledge of music genres and general knowledge of upcoming and well-established artists is what makes me an asset for the show,” he says. “I always stand for respect and loyalty more than anything, from the floor manager up to the producer and the entire staff at Cape Town TV.”

Awonke Dulaze is a television and radio presenter, an MC, actor and production company owner who hails from Site B in Khayelitsha. He holds a National Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

Awonke values honesty above all else. He believes in being honest wherever possible and he feels that it is important to say what he really thinks. And he feels disappointed in himself when he doesn’t speak his mind. He also believes in being kind to others and he jumps at the chance to help other people. He is generous in giving his time and resources to worthy causes or to friends and family.

His career as a presenter started in the year 2017 on an online show called Green Room where he won the Presenter Search Competition out of thousands of entries. This came after he was in the provincial top 25 of the MTV Base VJ Search 2017. This experience gave him confidence and gave wings to his childhood dream of becoming a broadcaster. He was also a radio jockey for three years at UniFM, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) campus radio station.

On top of winning the Green Room Presenter Search he made his debut as an actor on the Moja Love entertainment channel.

He is presently a broadcaster for two YouTube shows, namely a lifestyle and entertainment show called Ubuphizolo and another titled Street Starz, which gives a platform to upcoming South African musicians. His responsibilities include presenting, directing and script writing.

Awonke is passionate about fashion and dreams of someday getting involved in the fashion industry. But for now he is set on making movies, documentaries and TV series with his production company.

Awonke is proud of being part of the EKSÊ team which was nominated for a SAFTA award in 2023. At Home Grown he has to come up with questions for the guests of the show and also to develop his own script. At the same time he doubles as a content-producer on EKSÊ.

For Tyron McKinnon, building a career in the entertainment industry is something that he has aimed at all of his life. “My journey as an actor started when I was 7 years old, watching movies with my brothers and noticing that the same people acted in different movies,” he says. “It was here where I learnt the difference between an actor and a character. This would later develop into an obsession of creating magic on camera and this led to me becoming a presenter on a hit TV show called Model Kingdom, and later to becoming a presenter on Home Grown.”

Tyron says he has always been motivation to make a mark on the entertainment industry and tell stories that shape the minds of others. He has a degree in Psychology and Sociology, which he hopes to supplement with an Honours degree in Psychology by the end of 2024. He also has qualifications in acting and training.

Tyron’s accomplishments include being the host of the Model Kingdom show, acting in the Signal High series on SABC 2 and representing South Africa in a debate in the United Kingdom about acting and the arts, and winning his first award as an actor. He is also proud of starting his own YouTube Channel, performing at his first modeling show, Oculus Fashion, and getting the opportunity to teach the Arts at underprivileged schools.

Opportunities for Tyron at Cape Town TV opened up when he became a guest presenter on EKSÊ. The EKSÊ team later called him in to be a special guest on the show as an influencer, and his impressive performances led to an invitation to become a presenter on Home Grown. “I jumped at the opportunity and ever since I have been loving my time as a presenter for Cape Town TV,” he says.

“I bring my natural enthusiasm and energy to the show. I am a naturally curious person, and I always get fixated on the shows which I am involved in. On top of this I have years of experience on camera and speaking in front of crowds and this experience allows me to conduct myself in a professional and happy manner.”