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Everyone is doing online webinars these days, but Cape Town TV can help you to add that extra TV sparkle to them and also reach a wider audience on a broadcast channel.

With our extensive media expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we are thrilled to present a tailored solution that bridges the gap between traditional television production and modern virtual engagement.

Our solution is designed to empower you to deliver compelling online events, webinars, YouTube or Facebook netcasts and on-air broadcasts which resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Whether your event is hosted in our television studio in Observatory, Cape Town, or at a remote location, we combine our video production expertise with the creative potential of online meetings to enhance your event and bring it to wider audiences.

What we bring to your party

Marketing and advertising

We can give you pre-event coverage on television with interviews with key personnel or guests in our talk shows. These include our daily news bulletin, Cape Town Daily, the bi-weekly magazine programme, The Camissa Show, and our daily youth show, Ek Se.

Add to your marketing build-up with a television advertising campaign with 30-second ad spots to publicize your event. If you don’t have a video ad we can make one for you. The campaign is structured according to your marketing needs and budget.

Studio production

Host your online meetings in our television studio. We provide a professional television studio environment where your meeting facilitator can host your webinar.

Through careful integration, we enable your content to shine against the backdrop of our professional television studio. This integration includes dynamic backgrounds, video inserts, lower third titles and high-quality graphics.

Recording and transmission of remote events

Host your event at the venue of your choice and we will send an outside broadcast team to record and transmit it with multiple cameras, live online streaming or live-to-air with a link to our Final Control Centre.

What to expect from Cape Town TV

Collaborative strategy development

Our approach involves meetings to craft strategies that align with your broadcast goals. Harness the collective expertise of our technical operations, production, finance, sales, marketing and community outreach teams to drive success.

Leveraging our established network

Cape Town TV boasts a viewer base of over two million and a multi-disciplinary team of around 50 professionals. We have a proven track record of running ads from major companies and maintain our own online VOD platform. 

Expert consultation and technical support

Our experienced technical staff brings a wealth of television production experience to ensure minimal failures and maximum quality. We offer professional consultation to guide you through the intricacies of all webinar platforms.

Content archiving and distribution

Your events will be recorded and edited to perfection. Edited recordings can be made available on Cape Town TV’s online platform, YouTube, or the Cape Town TV broadcast platforms, which include national coverage on DSTV.

Robust quality control and testing

Failures are minimized through rigorous testing, ensuring that your event runs seamlessly and impresses your audience. Our technical team’s expertise guarantees a broadcast-quality output.

Global accessibility and time zone management

 Time zone differences can be a challenge, but you have the flexibility to decide when and how to host your events to accommodate a diverse global audience, whether it’s live interaction or recorded playback.

Comprehensive metrics and analytics

We provide insight into the effectiveness of your events through detailed analytical reports. Track registrations, attendee engagement, polls, and Q&A interactions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your event’s impact.

Flexible monetization models

Monetization options are tailored to your needs. Whether it’s ticket sales, sponsorships or ads, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the revenue strategy aligns with your goals.

Expert handling of remote audio

We understand the challenge of remote audio quality. Our team will process remote audio through professional mixing and EQ to ensure the best possible sound quality.

Create outstanding events

Join us on this exciting journey of blending traditional television excellence with cutting-edge virtual engagement. Let’s create a unique and impactful experience that resonates with your audience and sets the stage for success. 

Client experiences

In 2023, in large part thanks to having Cape Town TV as a media partner, Food Dialogues succeeded in generating a lot of media that interrogated our relationship to food and the issues our food system is facing. Cape Town TV also gave us access to new audiences. The editorial teams and magazine programme teams leaned in beautifully to the coverage programme.

Iain Harris

Event Project Manager, Food Dialogues

Since 2017 the Saloojee Trust has commissioned WWMP to organize and publicise its annual lecture by a prominent international speaker. The inaugural lecture was delivered by well-known veteran journalist, film-maker and writer, John Pilger. Since then Cape Town TV has been our main broadcast partner, recording and broadcasting the event. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of viewers enjoying the event during and long after. The partnerships have been professional, flexible and cost effective. A great service to us, our constituencies and the broader SA public.

Martin Jansen

Director, Workers World Media Productions

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