Side Hustle Susters


Sundays 17:30 | Tuesdays 19:00 | Wednesdays 11:30

Side Hustle Susters is a brand-new, Afrikaans edutainment television show that aims to shed light on female entrepreneurship. It’s produced and presented by Dee Theart.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is at a shockingly high 32.1%. Moreover, less than 50% of South African women are currently employed, and only 15.4% of South Africans have any type of tertiary qualification. These statistics speak for

A lack of knowledge, expertise, and opportunity means that many women are feeling hesitant to start their own businesses. Women in South Africa are in desperate need to generate an income for themselves and their families, and therefore more women must get access to the necessary information and tools they need to start their own businesses.

And who better than fellow SA women to provide that knowledge and inspiration?

There are 2 guests on every episode of Side Hustle Susters:

  • A female entrepreneur (our Side Hustle Suster of the week) who turned her side hustle into a profit-making venture.
  • A business expert sharing practical guidance and tips on a variety of topics pertaining to starting and running a successful business.

Every episode is aimed to inspire, educate, and encourage women who aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves, or those who’ve already started a business but want to broaden their horizons.

Side Hustle Susters presenter Dee Theart