Accessibility with Jabaar


Sat @ 5:30pm | Wed @ 9:00am

DSTV Channel 263

Imagine feeling marginalised because of a disability that you are living with.

As unfair as this sounds, it is the reality for many South Africans trying to access opportunities in an environment that doesn’t cater to their special needs.

People living with disabilities are constantly having to prove their capabilities to an often prejudiced and ignorant world, leaving many of them feeling that they can’t reach their full potential.

‘Accessibility with Jabaar’ is a talk show that confronts misconceptions about ‘Disabilities and the Disadvantaged’ community through informative and engaging conversations so that the broader public can see the benefits of having an inclusive society.

The show is also actively changing the narrative of people living with a disability by highlighting powerful universal stories that make for uplifting content. It plays the role of informing members of the community about opportunities and tips on not only coping with a disability but flourishing with it.

Guests come into the studio to discuss issues pertaining to disabilities which also features documentary inserts; where the show gets out into the field, to interact with the disabled community and uncover the issues that they confront in their daily lives.

About Jabaar Cassiem

Jabaar Cassiem Mohamed is the producer and presenter of ‘Accessibility with Jabaar.’

Jabaar attended CTV’s Producer Development Workshops in 2019 and he has produced studio shows on CTV’s Open Studio platform as well as documentary inserts on disability issues. Through this project he has acted as a bridge linking the disabled community to the general public and giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of those living with a handicap. In the process he has enabled Cape Town TV to reach a new audience and broaden its content offering with shows that are inclusive, educational and entertaining.

Through this television concept Jabaar aims to train members of the disabled community in presenting and production skills to enable them to use the show as means of self-expression. He would like to work with disabled content producers from all over South Africa so that the show can gain inputs nationally.