Yonela Masumpa

Producer/ Coordinator:

Yonela Masumpa is a Cape Town TV Production coordinator. Fundamentally, her job requires her to oversee production and post-production needs, including managing the needs of everyone in those departments. Yonela ensures that all in-house production has the necessary studio time in order to execute their planned content. Outside of these responsibilities, the production coordinator also produces CTV’s in-house music show: Hype It Up. The show airs every Saturday at 9 p.m and acts as a platform for Cape Town’s artists to promote their music to the public.

Masumpa sees herself as a giver:
“I am always ready to share my wisdom about the world that I know and that could potentially help people grow in their own spaces.“

Interestingly, the production coordinator has an electrical engineering background. She however knew that this was not the career path for her.
Since joining the media space, she has found purpose in being exposed to unconventional creative perspectives and working with different production houses in creating content.