Warren Cornelius

Breaking the Cycle

Show Synopsis

For people, specifically on the Cape Flats, who use substances and people who are directly or indirectly affected by substance addiction.

We are the only television production in South Africa to address the subject of substance addiction, which aspires to empower substance users, their loved ones and others to make informed choices about the prevention, treatment and recovery of substance addiction.

We marry the lived experiences of substance users and their families, with evidence-based solutions.

Showcasing ordinary people and telling their stories, and then consulting experienced professionals to find evidence-based solutions, will help break the cycle of substance addiction.


My name is Warren Cornelius and I am from Athlone. I’ve struggled with substance addiction for most of my life, but I’ve been in recovery for the past 10 years. I am deeply passionate and committed in working with people who have Substance Use disorders and other addictions.

I dedicate my time to community projects throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape, in helping underprivileged youth who are seeking recovery; sex workers who use drugs and engage in risky sexual behaviour resulting in unwanted pregnancies and/or HIV infection;  perpetrators and/or victims of interpersonal violence who use drugs; people in prison or on parole for drug related offences; adolescents who use drugs and have dropped out of school; and people who use drugs and have lost hope of a better life. I’m currently doing postgrad studies in Addictions Care at the University of Cape Town.