The Guardians of Gaia


Sun @ 7:30pm

DSTV Channel 263

Gaia: (noun)

Definition: the ancestral mother of all life.

Guardians of Gaia unearths the politics, economics and dynamics of the climate change crisis. Speaking to indigenious folk, academics, youth, activists and everyday people, we strive to breath life into a dying planet. We also put the spotlight on those saving the Earth from their backyards.

The main objective of the show is for the Government to understand it is an increased pleasure to make decisions and rulings that are sustainable to the environment. It is also for citizens to become more aware about issues that affect their environment and how they have contributed to the issue. More so, to have an awareness of how they can contribute to the solution. 

The show strives for citizens to have access to an information resource that keeps them up to date with the issues and events in the environmental space, as well as the innovative solutions from everyday people. The show further strives for NGOs, activists, academics, youth and everyday people working in the environmental space to have a platform to amplify the work they do and thereby improve their impact. Additionally, the show presents a call to action for anybody with environmental content or concerns in their community.

The tone of the show is informative, yet informal. Simple, yet significant, with a community-driven, warts-and-all, solution-orientated approach. The content has a humanitarian tone, more than a scientific one. It also carries an “I didn’t know that!” factor.  The show is community-focused, vibrant, edgy, experimental, and feeds solutions to the issues presented.  Over 13 episodes, each 30 mins long, the season changes between a magazine and talk show format.   Each episode is centered around one theme / topic.  

About Chelsea Ogilvie

Chelsea ‘Noah’ Ogilvie is an environmental activist, podcaster, producer and presenter. She was formerly the face of and brains behind season 5 of Free Media Free Minds on Cape Town TV. 

She currently sits as Cape Town TV’s resident Environmental Producer and Head of the Environmental Desk. In 2019 she started her internship with the station and in 2020 was awarded Intern of the year.

Before CTV, the producer graduated from Rhodes University, with a Bachelor of Journalism in Digital Media and Radio. During her time at the institution, she dedicated her free time to campus radio – as an on-air anchor, producer, and finally programming manager. 

Her production for the breakfast show saw it get nominated for a Liberty Radio Award (BestCampus Breakfast Show 2018). Just before graduating, she received the Rhodes Investec Top 100 Award for Arts, Culture, Journalism and Media.