Content Providers

CTV carries three forms of programming.
CTV obtains rights to broadcast existing programmes from production houses, organisations, independent film makers and other television channels.
Production partnerships:
CTV enters into production partnership agreements with independent film makers.
CTV produces its own programmes in studio or in the field.
Acquired content:
Acquired content is programming which has already been produced for purposes other than airing on the channel. For example it may be a documentary or PSA which has been produced by an NGO or an independent producer who has found their own source of financing, material produced for other broadcasters for which the producer holds the copyright, or material which has been shared on the internet.
This material typically contains no “commercial” content, i.e. advertisements, product placement, marketing messages etc. and is not in and of itself selling or marketing any particular company, product or service.

CTV does not pay for acquired content, although postage costs of delivering the material to the channel may be covered, particularly if it originates in countries outside of South Africa. The channel does enter into exchange deals for content, where advertising is granted in return for use of the content. This would typically be a ‘billboard’ (i.e. a still image) before or after the programme which advertises an address or website where viewers can obtain a DVD copy of the programme.

Programme partnerships:

CTV also enters into partnerships with content providers for material which is produced specifically for flighting on the channel. This is where an agreement is entered into between CTV and the content partner (independent producer), whereby the latter provides a programme or series of programmes which are flighted on the channel over a particular period.
These agreements typically provide CTV with exclusive airing rights for a particular period, after which time the producer may sell the content on to other channels. The intellectual property rights to this content remain with the producer.
CTV will send out occasional briefs for the kind of programmes sought by the channel, based on CTV’s programming policy and needs.

Independent productions provide CTV with an income stream, so it is expected that these productions will pay the channel a broadcast fee. This fee contributes towards the costs of running the channel, so producers have to build this broadcast fee into their budgets. At the same time CTV is conscious of the need to assist producers to construct viable business propositions for their shows.
CTV currently charges R5 000 for a 24 minute programme to be aired on the channel. Recognising the constraints faced by producers in terms of securing finance for their programmes, particularly in the early stages, CTV will consider reducing this fee on a discretionary basis.
Programmes should fit within the parameters of our programming policy (click to view).

Contacts Those who already own programme content and would like to have it aired on CTV can contact our Acquisitions Co-ordinator at Tel. +27 (0) 21 448 0448 or e-mail

Producers and organisations who would like to get involved in production partnerships with CTV can contact our Programme Manager

Tel. +27 (0) 21 448 0448 or e-mail Public access programming enables organisations to appear on our shows or to partner with TV producers to make their own programmes and inserts.


Production is the heart of any TV station. Cape Town TV has two kinds of production arrangement, these being in-house productions and production partnerships (see separate section).

In-house productions are studio-based talk shows on particular topics and the CTV news service. These productions are run from CTV’s television studio. Shows are produced by interns and volunteers. They aim to entertain and inform the people of Cape Town as well as affording them the opportunity to appear on television to discuss the issues that concern them.

You can chat about your issues with our friendly talk show hosts – bring along photos or video footage that tell the story you want people to know about.

If you would like to appear on a CTV show, please send an email to

Programme proposal