Oratile Seabi

Hype it Up Presenter

Oratile Seabi is born and raised in the Capital City. Having known well too soon her love for the arts and creativity, immersed herself in spoken word and has MCd events from as early as high school.
Oratile’s love for the arts is shared with her passion for sports: basketball above all and has engaged in numerous projects in Pretoria before moving to Cape Town in early 2020 for work.

The advantage of speaking German has added to kick-starting her work life in the Mother City which she thoroughly enjoys. She is currently studying Events Management which she believes is a leg-up when it comes to her career in public speaking/MCing corporate and social events.
In 5 years’ time, you can expect to see and hear the name Oratile Seabi across the media space as well as sports entrepreneurship. The sky is not even the limit for this bag of Sparkles.