Nadia Hearn

Ideas to Business

Show Synopsis

“By educating business owners on concepts such as emotional branding, how to take their ideas and make them into sustainable businesses, and the power of perception and reputation we connect brands more strongly with their ideal customer and business owners with their true business purpose.” – Nadia Hearn


Nadia Hearn, the founder of Get-Published, entrepreneur, broadcast media producer and presenter of Ideas 2 Business show at Cape Town TV, and purpose-driven business mentor, is a well-respected brand authority and marketing communications creative in the PR industry. For almost two decades, Nadia has been using her insights and creative flair as a Brand, Marketing and Public Relations strategist, as well as her business know-how to change the lives of SMME’s and entrepreneurs.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience has attentively nurtured businesses of all sizes in a vast array of industries including consumer retail, health, wellness and lifestyle, hospitality, innovation, and technology and environmental, property and interiors. Nadia’s vibrant personality and passion for inventive small businesses have made her a respected entrepreneur and coveted mentor countrywide.

As a business owner herself, Nadia has a distinct entrepreneurial spirit and is no stranger to the challenges of starting and creating a successful business. That is why she created Get Published – a full-circle creative marketing communications agency – that supports small businesses with all the strategic, brand communications and marketing support they need, without breaking their budgets. Nadia’s business acumen and extensive experience in branding, marketing PR, social media and crisis communications makes her an asset to business owners everywhere.

The golden thread through all her ventures is the unwavering ethical disposition that guides Nadia’s business decisions. Instead of the traditional, unfeeling philosophy associated to her industry, Nadia practices a holistic approach to business that considers the personal, ethical, logistical, and financial strengths and limitations of each of her clients when plotting their path to success.

PR as an industry fundamentally impacts the perceptions of society, and for Nadia, the great responsibility that comes with this ability must be respected. Through her innovative strategies, Nadia aims to work with authentic brands that have a deep purpose and then align the perceptions of society with her client’s core values.

Nadia believes in growing those around her through mentorship, education courses, and skills transfer to empower youth through in-service learning. For her, education is a fundamental tool for owners of SME’s to feel confident in conceptualising, diversifying, and growing their brand and business. Nadia loves educating business owners on concepts such as emotional branding, how to take their ideas and make them into sustainable businesses, and the power of perception and reputation. She hopes that through education, more brands will connect strongly with their ideal customer, and business owners with their true business purpose, by creating services or products that marry the two.

However, working with entrepreneurs is equally challenging as it is rewarding.

Fundamentally, Nadia wishes that she could support many more businesses, but with many start-ups lacking funding their growth is stunted from the start. Additionally, many make the mistake of cutting marketing and PR budgets to free up money in times of crisis. In fact, marketing is the only connection a business has to their customers and should be the last to go. Communication is vital in keeping businesses connected to their customer; helping them build and maintain trust so their customers have confidence in what they are buying.

Driven by a soul-deep want to help others and their businesses, Nadia attributes her success to a fervour for what she does. SME’s necessitate that she is truly resourceful and pushes the creative limits with her strategies to achieve all their goals. While for some working with small businesses is frustrating, Nadia finds that working with smaller businesses present flexibility and endless opportunity, growth and innovation that she revels in, and that makes every day dynamic and diverse.

Nadia has worked on everything from top brands in the world, such as Harley Davidson, to the smallest start-ups and has found that being able to move with changing times, adapt to different sectors, and embrace technologies prepared her to handle the worldwide pandemic.

She knows that to truly give her clients what they need, one needs to reach into the heart of their organisations and connect them to those that need them the most. She hopes that in the near future, we will see more purpose-driven businesses that are motivated to make a significant and sustainable impact on our social economy and a business world where collaborations outweigh competitiveness.

In 2021, Nadia dreams of growing Get-Published whilst prioritising service levels. In the coming year, Nadia’s goal is to choose the brands she applies herself to more discerningly by applying a brand purpose measurement, along with a business readiness methodology, to ensure that her team’s talents, skills, and work are utilised to the best possible impact in the world.

At the end of the day, she believes that everyone wants to be heard, and is enthralled every time she sees a client’s surprise to their expectations being.

However, it is the gratitude her clients show for taking the time to get to know them, to know what they need, and plan when and how they will get it to be consistent with what they do in their business and their brand, that motivates her. 

A true maker through and through, when she is not building businesses, Nadia enjoys everything from upholstery to sewing, décor to DIY. Each year she makes a point to learn a new skill to indulge her love of learning itself. Often, she will spend her evenings experimenting with food by baking new things and testing alternative healthy options and reading books on growing the mind and spirit. She loves her beach jogs and long walks listening to podcasts and music and believes that this is her key to growing her knowledge, celebrating her physical health, and clearing her mind.

The ability to create and recreate herself over the years through various businesses is according to Nadia, how she has stayed energetic and invigorated.