Jamie Thurtson Wyngaard

Being The Business on Open Studio Show Synopsis “For success-driven entrepreneurs, we are the solution-seeking forum that openly discusses the unglamorous behind the scenes drama and complications in the life of established business owners. 75% of businesses don’t make it past 5 years because nobody shows us that being your own boss is a harder life than we are made to believe.”


Jamie Thurston Wyngaard is a dynamic Capetonian with a vast background ranging from Biotechnology to media and Fintech. He is seen as a thought leader in design thinking through his development of enhanced agile business validation techniques. He was recently elected as the national Vice President of Golden Key International honor society. Jamie has numerous awards for entrepreneurship and social responsibility and is recognized as the highest honor of the University of the Western Cape Student Achiever of the Year. He continues to pursue his drive to alleviate poverty by being a mentor for TeenEntrepreneur.co.za where he encourages and assists with the development of an entrepreneurial mindset within youth. Networking and being customer-centric has always been one of his strengths which proves useful in the success of projects like Feenix.org, the crowdfunding platform for students which has raised over R47.4 Million to date, and Bettr.app, a new digital bank currently being polished for launch to the public. His main focus is WeAreTheAgency.co.za, his concept development agency where he operates as the managing director to ideate and strategizes new business ventures. He provides free resources on his blog to further assist in new media marketing and business operations.  Most recently he is engaged in recycling and plastic-free movement to prevent the toxic increase of ocean and terrestrial plastic waste. Feel free to Google “Jamie Thurston Wyngaard” for additional information or published articles which may be of interest. Instagram: @JamieThurstonWyngaard Twitter: @JT_wyngaard Linkedin: JamieThurstonWyngaard