EKSÊ is a daily live edutainment programme produced by and for youth. The one-hour show covers a wide range of topics including sports, fashion, education, careers, health, sexuality, events, arts and entertainment.

Our aim is to create an edutainment explosion on air, by fusing education and entertainment.  Welcome to the house of FUN, where we redefine Education and Entertainment!  As one of the best youth shows in the country, EKSÊ was nominated for a SAFTAs award in 2023.

If you’re between the ages of 16 to 28 then this show aims to fulfill your information and entertainment needs. Catch EKSÊ Live from 5-6pm every weekday.

EKSÊ is an entertaining show but it’s not just about escapism – it’s a platform for young people to see their lives reflected on air and it provides them with knowledge for dealing with the problems that life throws their way.
Tatum Ludolph