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Advertising Rates

Rate Card
To download CTV’s latest rate card, click here.


The channel targets principally the mid- to lower LSMs because the majority of Cape Town’s population falls within these parameters. However programming often has an appeal across demographic groups to reach the higher LSMs too. Contact our Advertising Department for CTV’s latest viewership figures.

SAARF Figures
the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) is an independent research organisation with a credible track record, and its surveys provide the standard measure of television audiences in South Africa. CTV gets up-to-date viewership data from the organisations’ Television Audience Measure Survey (TAMS).

Sponsorship opportunities

CTV is developing a slate of in-house programmes that promises to engage audiences and get Capetonians talking about the important issues that affect them in areas such as youth development, health, education, the environment, sport, human rights and social justice. In addition we have a number of commercial shows with opportunities for brand exposure.

  • Special Features and Competitions
  • Opening billboard (Title Sponsor)
  • Closing billboard (Title Sponsor)
  • Opening billboard (Segment Sponsor)
  • Commercial break stings (Title and Segment)
  • 30-second adverts
  • Brand mentions and product placements
    On screen corner logos and ‘ticker’ scrolls
  • Name on credit rolls

Marketing and publicity campaign including  
CTV website and Facebook

Advertising Contact

Email: sales@capetowntv or contact no: 021 448 0448

Your TV commercial
If you do not have an existing TV commercial, CTV can put you in contact with film makers who produce good quality, low cost commercials that are tailored to suit your budget. CTV looks forward to being of service to you in making your TV advertising experience an easy one.

Airtime sales

CTV sells airtime to a limited number of content providers, in strict accordance with the channel’s programme policy. Airtime may be sold to government, religious organisations, companies and NGOs.


Cape Town TV provides advertisers with a means of reaching local audiences through low-cost advertising on television.

The channel is aimed primarily at the social and economic sectors that define the bulk of Cape Town’s population, these being the mid-to-lower LSMs. Since about 70% of Cape Town’s income earning population earn under R2 500 per month*, it is these income categories that provide the channel’s key demographics.
Cape Town TV accepts advertising from most enterprises, big and small. The channel has a particular focus on helping Cape Town-based small and medium enterprises to communicate via television and provides advertisers with an affordable option for reaching their markets.

CTV will not allow:

  • Advertising targeted at children.
  • Advertising for gambling.
  • Advertising of alcohol products.
  • Any advertising that is sexist, racist, xenophobic, sectarian or culturally demeaning.Agencies
    All rates exclude agency fees.

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