Ek Se

Ek Sê is a daily live edutainment programme produced by and for youth. The one-hour show is divided into segments covering a wide range of topics including current affairs, social issues, science, technology, sports, fashion, education, careers, health, sexuality, events, arts and entertainment. 

Our work is in line in keeping with the station’s mandate to engage a wide range of community perspectives especially those of groups that historically have been marginalized; to build a sense of community and common purpose, and to promote healing and tolerance.

If you’re between the ages of 16 to 28 then this show aims to fulfill your information and entertainment needs. Catch Ek Sê from 4-5pm every weekday.

Ek Sê Episode Structure
We start the week with a serious commitment to getting ahead in life with segments tackling careers, education and opportunities. We host experts in the studio to advise youth on career and business opportunities as well as reaching out to schools across the Cape Town region to highlight innovations and issues in education.
We focus on the creative arts, fashion, film and comedy. The Tuesday edition has a strong focus on entrepreneurial development within the arts and culture sector, and here we promote local talent at its best. It’s an opportunity for young people to showcase what they are doing in business, fashion, music and all forms of art.
No midweek slump for the Ek Sê team! On Wednesdays we peek into the fascinating worlds of science, technology and STEM education. Most inserts are produced in indigenous languages to promote accessibility to this field. We invite young scientists, environmental activists and even astronauts to the studio to share insights on the latest sci-tech developments.
This episode tackles hard-hitting political issues, stories that affect the youth in Cape Town such as unemployment, crime, education, health, rural development, opportunities for youth and current issues of the day. The discussion takes the form of a debate where we engage with lawmakers and members of civil society to thrash out the issues.
Our Friday Entertainment Edition kicks off your weekend with a bang! The show ranges from sit-downs with trending influencers to live studio sessions with emerging and established DJs and artists. Find out what’s happening in Cape Town for the weekend ahead and who’s going to be there.