Programme Sponsorship

Sponsorship of CTV programmes will give your organisation excellent public exposure as well as providing Capetonians with great programming on their community channel.

Programme sponsors get the following benefits:

  • Opening and closing 10 sec billboard, e.g. “brought to you in association with…”.
  • Sponsors may have one free 30-second commercial in each half-hour of the programme.
  • Five-second break bumpers going both into the commercial break and back into the programme immediately after.
  • In-studio branding, i.e. sponsor logos on studio backdrops or video monitors.
  • Limited product placement.
  • Corner screen logo for no more than 50% of the programme (not in top right corner where CTV’s logo is situated).
  • Competitions can be run in the programme (e.g. product give-aways).
  • Mentions by the presenter.
  • Mention in on-screen promos advertising the show.
  • Sponsored segments (i.e. “advertorial”) about the sponsor or its products/services.


  • May not influence the content in any way, or censor content.
  • No ads promoting alcohol consumption or gambling are allowed, although companies in these industries may still sponsor programmes.

Sponsored programmes usually get an additional (repeat) flighting during the week to add value.

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CTV has received funding in the form of finance, facilities, grants, donations and equipment from the following organisations:


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