CTV Board

CTV is controlled by a Board of Directors who are elected from the community at every second AGM. As only non-profit organisations can be members of CTV, the Board members are drawn from their representatives attending the AGM. This community of member organisations is divided into five sectors, these being sport, education, labour, arts, media, community-based organisations (CBO) and a general category called NGO (non-government organisation) for all those which fall outside of the previous categories.

Two board members are elected by each sector, with another three being elected “from the floor”, i.e. not representing any particular sector. CTV’s Station Director is also an ex-officio board member.

The current board comprises the following sector representatives:

Lunga GuzaChairperson
Elton DavidsSecretary
Rekang JankieArts
Mark WeinbergMedia
Roscoe WilliamsEducation
Desire GoliathNGO
Dellareese HartmanSport
Janap OdendaalCBO