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21 January 2018

00:00 The Truth About Circumcision - Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, it's history, rate of occurrence, claimed medical justifications, relation to masturbation, negative consequences and it's morality.

Adorning the World -  Indian jewelry designs and styles, both classic and contemporary, have a prominent place in the international market and are worn by international celebrities and royalty.

02:00 Britain's Secret Cannibis Farms -  In 2002, Britain produced 15 per cent of its own cannabis. In 2010 that figure is 90 per cent, and police around the country raid at least three factories every day.

03:00 Cape Town Soup - A staged documentary, filled with Capetonian stories and dance, about a melting pot of cultures, race and habits, of poverty and wealth.
04:00 You'll Never Forget Harfield - The now affluent suburb of Harfield was once a happy amalgam of culturally diverse people, The former residents of ‘the avenues’ take a look back in time: exploring childhood memories of the neighbourly community and growing up.

05:00 Science and Nonduality -  An inspirational talk show programme for all the young, families, educators and policy makers with significant relevance to everyday lives.
06:30 Talking Point with Steven Taylor - Talking Point with Steven Taylor is a weekly Talk Show by media personality Steven who chats to celebrities about their life.

07:00 Jewel of the West Coast - An innovative learning institution that graduates entrepreneurial leaders that ignite opportunity and social change.
07:30 The SciShow: Kids - Whether conducting experiments, researching new questions, or talking with experts, there's always something new to discover with SciShow Kids, no matter what your age!
08:00 Raggs - Raggs is a live action and animated musical preschool television series. It's a rock n’ roll story of five canine characters and their wisecracking pet cat.
08:30 Beyond Today - Long after Jesus’ Second Coming, Satan will incite armies to go up against the peaceful villages of Israel. Learn more!
09:00 Cape Gospel Vibes - Gospel music from the community
09:30 Music and the Spoken Word - A music program of inspiring messages and music produced by Bonneville Communications with music performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
10:00 Tabernacle Ministries of God - T.O.G. Is a church "Equipping changed people to change the world". High energy, uplifting music, exciting youth and children, ministries empowering men, monthly activities for the whole family and powerful women ministry.
10:30 South Cape Children's Choir - We are 90 talented children (aged 9-16) who are passionate about choral singing in the picturesque Garden Route of South Africa.
11:00 Tomorrow's World Tomorrow's World programme inspires Christian viewers to live their lives according to Christian ideals and continue walking in their faith.
11:30      Watering the Grassroots - The story of how micro financing has played an important role in bringing about significant changes in the rural economy of India, leading to financial prosperity for many marginalized, especially rural women, across the country.

12:00      Crystal Cathedral Classics - We show a Crystal Cathedral Classic church service featuring various well known speakers and pastors.

12:30  China Hour  - CHINA HOUR is a lifestyle magazine show that tackles various topics on South African-Chinese lifestyle. It features people, events, sports, fashion, food and other interesting items that cater not only to Chinese viewers but to the rest of diverse South Africa and Chinese Culture enthusiasts as well.
13:30       Rod Suskin's World - The Rod Suskin show deals with the astrology of all the latest news and events, your personal questions, and also explains key spiritual and astrological concepts in a logical way that is sensible but still spiritual, easy to understand and easy to explain to your friends and clients - or just point them to this channel.

14:00       Why Do These Kids Love School -  As we struggle with issues of how to provide a quality education for all children, we might look to these successful schools where teachers, students, ect are involved in creating supportive educational environments.
15:00 Rainbow Cruise - A Exciting magazine show for your pleasure, so be sure not to miss out.
15:30 Route 62 - Route 62 is a tourist route in South Africa that meanders between Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, the Garden Route, and Port Elizabeth, offering the scenic alternative to the N2 highway.
16:30 NACTV - Music is an integral part of worship and life in the New Apostolic church where members participate in church music activities through singing and playing of instruments. The NACTV hour on Cape TV is a selection from traditional church music and large sacred works to secular classical and contemporary music. Join Tracey Lange every Sunday evening for the best the New Apostolic church has to offer.
17:30      The DTT Story - SOS Save our Public Broadcaster Coalition (an NGO) and Cape Town TV tackle the SABC and digital terrestrial television (DTT).
18:30 Workers World - Workers World focus on workers issues in the workplace and related labour issues.
19:30 Drive It - It's shiny and new, now on DW, drive it!, the magazine all about cars: well told, well shot and well packaged.
20:00 Al Jazeera International News - The Award-winning international news and documentaries channel. With over 70 bureaus in six continents, the channel is increasingly being recognized as the leader in global current affairs for today's global village.
21:00 The Tragedy of Russian Reforms - The Soviet Union formed out of the ashes of WWI, was a victor of WWII and went on to challenge the United States during the Cold War. But After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union itself began to unravel.

22:00 The Toy Village of Pakistan - Development aid as a joyful effort - the repetition of the German success story in a Pakistan mud village - retired senior experts & junior experts working in an Islamic culture.
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