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21 May 2018
00:00 Hype it Up! - Your guide to everything in entertainment.
01:00 China Superpower - Superpower is a term used to describe a state with a dominant position, which is characterized by its extensive ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale. Here are the top reasons that we think China is.
02:00 Intelligence Wars in Syria - This documentary takes an in depth look into a number of terrorist attacks and assassinations that have taken place in Syria in the recent years.
03:00 Meditation: Chakras Healing Meditation Music - Relaxing meditation music, music and sounds for sleeping, ethnic music for background ambiance, relaxing rain and nature sounds and other stress-relieving videos.

05:00 Yoga for health and Joy with Patricia Becker  - Get relief from the tightness and pain in your body. Yoga is therapeutic and beneficial for almost all health concerns. If you can breath and bring your awareness to your breath, you can do yoga.

05:30 NACTV - Music is an integral part of worship and life in the New Apostolic church where members participate in church music activities through singing and playing of instruments. The NACTV hour on Cape TV is a selection from traditional church music and large sacred works to secular classical and contemporary music. Join Tracey Lange every Sunday evening for the best the New Apostolic church has to offer.
06:30 The Faith Show - An inspiring daily sermon.
07:00 Hype it Up! - Your guide to everything in entertainment.
08:00 A Walk with Mel -   A Walk with Mel is a mini series that covers interviews with Entertainers in Cape Town South Africa, it ranges from Interviews with Dancers, MC's, DJ's, Graffiti Artists, Actors etc.
08:30 Rainbow Cruise -   A Exciting magazine show for your pleasure, so be sure not to miss out.
09:00 Equal Education: Matatiele - Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education, through analysis and activism.
09:30 President in Waiting - TBA
10:00      Plain Talks - A Talk show Introduced for Ordinary People from Mitchell's Plain, sharing in their struggles & successes among the all round Poverty and Violence.
10:30      The Faizal Sayed Show - A weekly Talk Show by host Faizal Sayed, discussing a variety of matters with guest.
11:00 Drawn From Nature  - A documentary on John James Audubon best known for The book, Birds of America, portraits of every bird then known in the United States - painted and reproduced in the size of life.

12:00 Al Jazeera International News - The Award-winning international news and documentaries channel. With over 70 bureaus in six continents, the channel is increasingly being recognized as the leader in global current affairs for today's global village.
13:00      Democracy Now - Independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez
14:00 China Hour - CHINA HOUR is a lifestyle magazine show that tackles various topics on South African-Chinese lifestyle. It features people, events, sports, fashion, food and other interesting items that cater not only to Chinese viewers but to the rest of diverse South Africa and Chinese Culture enthusiasts as well.
15:00 Raggs - Raggs is a live action and animated musical preschool television series. It's a rock n’ roll story of five canine characters and their wisecracking pet cat.

15:30 Arts Alive : San Francisco
- Arts Alive! San Francisco, a digital video creative, broadcast on Channel 28 Berkeley, describing dance around San Francisco Bay in many ways.
16:00 Ek Se - EKSE is Cape Town TV's kwaai and funky new youth show, it's TV made for you by content provided by you! Dit het iets vir almal. Made up of a variety of interviews, music videos, short films, location inserts en nog baie! Tune into EKSE, weekdays from 16:00 to 17:00 only on CTV.
17:00 Open Studio - Open Studio is a free television for community and civil society organisations working in Cape Town to use for promotion of their not-for-profit activities and raise awareness on causes that advance in their work.
17:30 The Faith Show - An inspiring daily sermon.
18:00 Our City - This genre-defying programme is a unique blend community news (civic journalism), arts, culture & events coverage, documentary inserts and social activism delivered through studio-based conversations, live outside broadcasts and electronic news gathering.
18:30 Umlilo: Fire Talks - The show provides a well-rounded portrayal of Rastafari life in the Western Cape and beyond, giving outsiders a look in and providing Rastafari people with a platform to discuss matters particular to Rastafari life.
19:00 Al Jazeera International News - The Award-winning international news and documentaries channel. With over 70 bureaus in six continents, the channel is increasingly being recognized as the leader in global current affairs for today's global village.
19:30 Earth Frontline - We confront the effects of human presence on our environment, looking at the crises which we face from issues like climate change, fracking & water scarcity.
20:00 Street Food - The spice island's cuisine bears the mark of centuries of global trade.
20:30 Malaysia Malays - TBA
21:00      False Profits - TBA
21:30      Both Worlds - Each week we meet one 18-30 year old who is facing a defining moment in their life, tapping into the unique concerns, hopes and fears this generation faces. 

22:00      Phillipi TV -  This is basically the channel that airs programmes aimed at promoting humanity, dignity and building a great society.

22:30      Kaap Weer Hollands - Kaap Weer Hollands, my search for the Dutch identity in Cape Town.
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