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Current Affairs


Between The Lines

Thursday at 21:00

Between The Lines is a public affairs talk show hosted by John Matisson. Guests include government leaders, academics, politicians and international figures in the news. John Matisson engages guests in a lively discussion focusing on current topics.

African Identities: Monica Santana
Monday at 18:30


African Identities: Monica Santana: explores Race, Nation and Culture in Africa. 


Mon - Wed at 16:00


Ekse is Cape Town's number one youth show, broadcasting from Cape Town TV's studios in Observatory, features guests from a variety of industries and plus musical performances.  


Open Studio
Weekdays at 17:00


Watch Open Studio, a talk show showcasing the best of local talents while directing attention to important social issues.


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Cape Town TV is available free-to-air in Cape Town and across South Africa and Lesotho on DStv. The channel receives around three million views each month.

Homegrown Content

Hype It Up

Thursday and Friday at 16H00

Catch the latest in Cape music plus dance, DJs and entertainment news on Hype It Up!. Presenters Ras and Thuli bring you live performances with local musos on Fridays and a special Reggae report.



Tuesday to Thursday at 12:30


Great leaders inspiring you to take action in your life. Watch TED Tuesday to Thursday at 12:30. 


Saturday at 13:30


Chef Abidah takes you on a Cape Malay dish journey, including fish as well as stews, roasts and spicy curries.

Faizel Sayad Show

Saturday at 18:30



The TV Talk Show that talks about Health, Lifestyle, Wealth, Travel & More…


Tune Into Cape Town


To tune your TV set to pick up CTV, use the remote control unit to open up the Menu of the set.

  1. Go to the Setup menu.
  2. Do a channel scan – the TV set will automatically scan all of the channels it receives. This will take a few minutes.
  3. When the channel scan is completed the set should display all of the channels available – you will then be able to switch between channels using the channel buttons on the remote control or on the set itself.
  4. If you still have problems picking up the channel, call Sentech on 021 525 3601 for assistance.
  5. The transmission is from Sentech's Tygerberg mast, so your outdoor aerial should point to Tygerberg mountain.
If you are a DSTV subscriber, tune in to channel 263. You'll find it on the Easy View, Access, Family, Compact, Extra & Premium packages.

Hot Docs

Engaging Documentaries

 Monday to Thursday at 22H00

See your world from an alternative point of view. Watch informative and compelling documentaries every evening from 22:00 and widen your perspective.


CTV is re-branding itself as Cape Town TV. Enter our re-branding competition and win R200 000 worth of free television advertising!

The look and feel of a logo is the unique signature of a brand. It reflects the personality of the company and the quality of its products and services. It immediately grabs the attention and imagination of its loyal supporters. Let’s celebrate Cape Town TV’s 10 years of broadcasting in the communities of the Western Cape TOGETHER!

This is YOUR CHANCE to design a logo with a new look and feel for the Cape Town TV brand that will set the tone for generations to come. The new brand must be charismatic, courageous, contemporary, caring and Capetonian.

PRIZE WINNER: Communication campaign and exposure for winner to the value of R200 000 broadcast on Cape Town TV.

WHO CAN ENTER? Anyone can enter! Any age group, individual, student or design studio can participate in the Cape Town TV Brand Challenge.

DESIGN BRIEF: PHASE ONE: Design a new Cape Town TV brand logo and slogan.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 28 April 2017 by no later than 12pm.

FORMAT OF ARTWORK: Please submit your artwork either as a PDF or JPEG.

METHOD OF SUBMISSION: Please download the brief complete and sign the entry form, which is available here.

Please include: Cape Town TV Brand Challenge in the subject line of your mail.

DEADLINES: 28 April 2017: Submit your new CT TV logo and slogan.
May: Adjudication and top 10 logos announced.
June - July: Top 10 candidates develop 2nd phase:
  1. Business card
  2. Letterhead
  3. Social media banners
  4. Look & feel of website.
End July: Submission of final design work.
August: Expo of top 10 designs at the Open Design Festival Cape Town.
August: Public vote and adjudication process.
September: Winner to be announced at the Cape Town TV 10th Birthday Party.

Help us to serve you

CTV comes to viewers free of charge - but it costs millions of rands per year to run this non-profit, community channel. We need YOUR support to stay on air and provide you with great programming and good picture and sound quality.  

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