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Show Highlights August 2019

Monday, August 12 
Halima Aden - Somali American Hijabi Model

Can Somali American model ´╗┐Halima Aden navigate New York's demanding fashion industry while balancing family expectations? This is a film that resonates with those who have struggled to balance family acceptance with their ambitions.

Tuesday, August 13 
Democracy in Action

A community-based, character-centered, human rights show. Celebrating power from below, participatory democracy and active citizenship.

Wednesday, August 14 
Cape Rugby TV

Sports personality JP Naude interviews local rugby stars and experts and covers the latest club rugby events.

Thursday August 15
The Andy Due Show

A sketch comedy revue, in the tradition of "Monty Python" or "The Denny Hill Show".

Show Highlights August 2019

Friday August 16
A journey into the World of our Great-grandchildren

What will the world look like in 2060? What role will climate change or the growing world population play?

Saturday August 17
Islam Actually - Magazine Edition

Spiritual upliftment and guidance from an Islamic perspective.

Sunday August 18
Dragan's Lair 
PG16 L

A journey into a Dragan's Lair of sexual deviance, this documentary delves deeply into the mindset and the grooming process that the pedophile nurtures, and how he preys on and selects his vulnerable targets. 

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