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Show Highlights October - November 2019

Friday 8 November 2019
Ek se

Catch your hosts with the most on our daily live Youth show EK Se, bringing you the latest and freshest artists in cape Town.

Saturday 9 November

Catch Abidah and her guest go through lekker recipes, its origins, TRICKS and TIPS around the kitchen, and learn more about the guest.

Sunday 10 November
Free Media Free Minds

Chelsea OG Noah brings you the best content related to the state of South African Media, as well as work done by civil societies to protect the media world. DO NOT MISS IT!

Monday 11 November
A Walk with Mel
A walk with Mel is a mini-series that covers interviews with entertainers in cape Town, ranging from interviews with dancers, MC's, grafitti designers, actors, etc.

Tuesday 12 November

The Thinking Garden


In the dying days of apartheid, three generations of women in a village in South Africa, came together to create a community garden called "The Thinking Garden"; a place where women gather to think of ways to implement and have effective change in society.

Wednesday 13 November
Stealing Paradise- PG 13

AJ's investigative team uncovers corruption in the Maldives, showcasing secretly filmed interviews to describe how men on mopeds carried millions, IN CASH, to the Maldives political elite.

Thursday 14 November
The Andy Due Show

Lively interviews with entertainers in Cape Town South Africa, it ranges from interviews with dancers, MC's, DJ's, graffiti artists, actors etc.

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