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Ek Sê
Weekdays at 16H00

Catch CTV's kwaai and funky youth show Ek Sé every weekday from 4-5pm. Meet our up-and-coming local talent, chat about burning issues and keep up with the latest trends. The show's new season starts in March 2014. 

This week's Highlights

Monday 14 April

Siyayinqoba: Beat It


Siyayinqoba Beat It! is a weekly health and education show for everyone living with HIV and other chronic diseases - as well as their partners, families, friends and care givers Since 1999 the show has provided a platform for people living with HIV to share their challenges and victories.

Tuesday 15 April
Media for Justice - Over the Rainbow 


Media for Justice travels to poor communities around South Africa to hear the voices of people living in the margins of our society. An on-line documentary series produced by Media for Justice. This series highlights the voices of those who are marginalized on the basis of race, class and gender.




 Wednesday 16 April

Hip Hop Activism in Post-Apartheid South Africa 

Twenty years later, this documentary examines the role hip-hop has played in engaging young South Africans both creatively and politically. It offers an account of hip-hop’s political orientation in relation to debates about commercial co-option, censorship, gender, race.

Thursday 17 April
The Weight of the World

This wonderful documentary looks at rising obesity in America. We speak with Dr. Stephan Rossner, obesity expert, as he proves that obesity is a man-made epidemic. Super-Size Me foods and a twelve billion dollar advertising industry has made for a lethal combination. However, this documentary goes into deeper depth and interviews with top specialists.


Local is lekker

The next 48hOURS
Thursdays at 19H00 and Saturdays at 18H30

Find out what's happening in Cape Town - the thrilling sports, glittering celebrities and fun-filled events that make this jewel of Africa come alive! Explore the city's high life with 48hOURs TV.

Friday 18 April

Morning Functional Fitness@07:00


Effective and gentle exercise programme, with the SA Callanetics method for body form and posture, you can mould your body within the boundaries set by nature. The goal of Morning functional fitness is to train movements, not just muscles. 


Saturday 19 April

The Culinary Kid 07:30

At Culinary Kids Academy, our chef instructors and registered dietitian will inspire your child’s imagination and encourage their creativity as they create delicious delights, superb delicacies and extraordinary dishes that are also healthy.  

Sunday 20 April
Sazi Mamba12:00



Gospel music-lovers around the country have fallen in love with Sazi Mamba. In his music he explores the ways to deal with and conquer the many evil things in life. He also preaches about walking with grace in the eyes of the Lord.




Hot docs

We Never Give Up
20 Years After Stonewall
Saturday 12 April at 22H30

A documentary film of the New York celebration of the anniversary of the Stonewall Revolt. In 1969 a police raid on the gay bar Stonewall Inn started a three day riot. This was said to be the start of the modern lesbian and gay civil rights movement.

Newsletter - March 2014
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